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Richard Andrew Schwartz, Department of A


Richard Andrew Schwartz - Album

A collection of exciting and gorgeous original jazz compositions featuring New Orleans musicians Ellis Marsalis (piano), Mike Esneault (piano), Bill Grimes (bass), Troy Davis (drums) and introducing Iuliia Akers (vocals).  Released and distributed by SONY/The Orchard, the album includes Happy Jazzy Birthday, Song for My Mother, Alpha Cat, Non-Standard, 7-11 Blues, Dear John, Without Words, A Bugle Fall, The Season Is Changing and Red Love, Blue Love.  Sheet music available by clicking on the Publications link above.  Here is a review:

Embers Cover to Album.jpg

An album of challenging modern classical music for alto saxophone with piano and electronics.  Works include Combat Zone by Ray Pizzi, Intervals I by Philip Schuessler, Angels by Stephen Suber, Interruptions III by Philip Schuessler, Driftwood Box Puzzle by Philip Schuessler and Embers by Kari Besharse.  Released and distributed by CENTAUR, this album features Kenneth Boulton (piano) and Philip Schuessler (piano).  For your information: this album is not for the average listener.  Here are YouTube links to: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Embers and Combat Zone.

The Tuning C.D..bmp

With tens of thousands of albums sold worldwide and streamed up to 80,000 times a month, The Tuning C.D. has been helping to dramatically improve the intonation of music professionals and music students since 1997.  This album contains 34 tracks of drones.  The first 12 are, perhaps, the most important.  When one performs their melodic instrument against one of these drones, one will clearly hear if they are in tune or not.  If not in tune, beats will be heard.  It is the repeated action of getting rid of these beats that trains the ear and reinforces excellent intonation habits.  Available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Napster and more.

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